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The Patriots Survival Guide

Welcome to the Patriots Survival Guide where you can stay informed on the latest news and discussions from legitimate sources in survival you, and your family and friends can count on.

We will continue to update the survival guide listings when there’s something new to share…

Everyone wants to survive, what about you?  What is coming won’t be for everyone!

Patriots Survival Guide Listings

Forum Discussions
The 2020 Election Fraud
Alternative News Sources
Buying Gold & Silver Now
Staying Alive Resources
Worthwhile Entertainment

Staying Alive Resources

Do you know what 5G does to your body?…

Freeze Dried, Sous Vide NY Strip Cubes

Cancer Dies When You Eat These 12 Foods (Cancer SECRETS)

Ivermectin – A Powerful Anti-Cancer Remedy

Rachel Fusaro – On a mission to SAVE ALL THE DAMN DOGS by inspiring & empowering pet parents to do more with their pets, in an effort to keep dogs living longer & out of shelters.

Keep And Bear Arms

Buckeye Firearms Association

4Patriots – Health & Wellness