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The Patriots Survival Guide

Welcome to the Patriots Survival Guide where you can stay informed on the latest news and discussions from legitimate sources in survival you, and your family and friends can count on.

We will continue to update the survival guide listings when there’s something new to share…

Everyone wants to survive, what about you?  What is coming won’t be for everyone!

Patriots Survival Guide Listings

Forum Discussions
The 2020 Election Fraud
Alternative News Sources
Buying Gold & Silver Now
Staying Alive Resources
Worthwhile Entertainment

Alternative News Sources

RSBN – Right Side Broadcasting Network – Live News Coverage





FrankSpeech is a new conservative broadcast network and video platform for the best source of conservative news, videos, and information. FrankSpeech is funded and was created by Mike Lindell.

Mike Lindell is also the ‘MyPillow Guy’ and you can order at in supporting a true patriot, one of the best!

INFOWARS – The #1 Independent news service in the world, battling globalism and promoting a pro-human future worldwide. Infowars is Tomorrow’s News Today.

Millennial Millie – Independent Journalist

Steve B

My Patriots Network – Where Patriots Unite

MonkeyWerx – Werx for the Soul

Donald Trump On Rumble

X22 Report Uncovering The Truth

I Allegedly Podcast

And We Know – Rumble

Truth and Freedom Videos – Truth videos for all to see!



Patriot Street Fighter – Rumble

ShariRaye – BIT CHUTE

SantaSurfing – Rumble

Patriots Base

Patrick Humphrey – Patrick Humphrey is a prepper who brings you breaking news to keep your prepared for SHTF.

The Economic Ninja – Financial News & Wealth


The Mac’s – Our Goal is always to Bug in and Survive in our Home and on our land and Homestead, however if SHTF and we have to leave, WHAT… Do we take with us??

Citizen Free Press

Riverside Homestead Life – We Aim to bring you a wide variety of tips tricks and How To’s and News