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Welcome to the Patriots Survival Guide where you can stay informed on the latest news and discussions from legitimate sources in survival you, and your family and friends can count on.

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Everyone wants to survive, what about you?  What is coming won’t be for everyone!

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The 2020 Election Fraud
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The 2020 Election Fraud

The 2020 United States Presidential election was held on Tuesday November 3, 2020 and it was a complete disgrace and embarrassment to all Americans!  On that day ‘ELECTION FRAUD’, previously protested by Democrats, decided who would get to be President of the United States.  I would like to say a special thanks to the Media, Twitter, Google, and Facebook for playing a part insuring that this happened.

info soon…

2000 Mules – 2020 Election Voter Fraud

2000 Mules – Order The Official DVD