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The Patriots Survival Guide Updates

Here you will find information talking about the 2020 election steal and how Donald Trump is the rightful President of the United States.

The Outcome of The 2020 Presidential Elections

Concerning the 2020 election which was held on Tuesday, November 3rd. According to the mainstream media, Joe Biden won the election with 306 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 232 electoral votes.  However, the raw vote totals tell a different story as Joe Biden had 81 million popular votes and Donald Trump had 75 million popular votes.  Historically, Presidential elections in the United States have had about 100 million registered voters turn out and vote.  In the 2020 election, there were about 156 million registered voters.  The turnout numbers in key battleground states are also alarming due to reported turnout above 100 percent.

This election was a complete disgrace and embarrassment to all Americans!  On that day ‘ELECTION FRAUD’, previously protested by Democrats, decided who would get to be President of the United States.  I would like to say a special thanks to the Media, Twitter, Google, and Facebook for playing a part insuring that this happened.

Click the link to stream the movie 2,000 Mules today. This movie gives the viewer the full evidence on the election fraud.

Want to know the truth about January 6, 2021?

If you want to know the truth about what happened back on January 6, 2021, you come to the right place because we have it all.  Included will be news regarding the day and how President Trump wanted the National Guard to be at the capital but was rebuffed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  And we will also have information on the federal involvement on the day including the CIA’s role.  You can use this information to better prepare you for what is ahead.

Judicial Watch: Records Show CIA Deployed Bomb Techs, Dog Teams to DC on January 6

FBI Operative Identified on US Capitol Grounds on Jan. 6, 2021